Doors & Windows

Standard Wooden Doors

We build our wooden doors with one thing in mind, to enhance the entrance to your property. Nothing looks as good and elegant a solid and secure wooden door.

All of our wooden doors are designed and built with longevity in mind, along with solid performance and security.

We have a large range of door styles, woods, finishes and glazing options available. We can also match or make a door to fit perfectly into an existing casement.

Bi-fold Wooden Doors

Our solid wood bi-fold doors are designed to last, and are custom built in a wide range of sizes, designs and layout options.

The bi-fold doors can open inwards or outwards to make the most of the available space. The doors have draught seals and are built with enhanced weather performance in mind. They also come with low resistance sliders, multipoint locks and shoot bolts for high levels of security and peace of mind.

We can create a bi-fold wooden door to match your needs, we offer a wide range of glazing, timber and paint options, along with a guarantee.

Casement Windows

Our casement windows come in a wide range of styles to suit any period property, without a compromise in performance and longevity. All of our casement windows are offered with high specification hardware, glazing and paint finishes.

Our wooden casement windows provide excellent thermal and weather performance, a long guarantee and are precisely hand manufactured and finished.

Stormproof Windows

Our stormproof windows are custom made to resemble any period window style, we have a vast range of design and layout choices along with a variety of glazing, timber and paint options.

Our stormproof windows make use of top quality hardware, high thermal performing glass, a host of security features and a long guarantee.

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